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     : Adding Minerals to Your Life

H  O



  • Essential Minerals – Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium Mineral Drops. Add one drop in a glass of water.

  • Remineralisation – Adds minerals to RO purified water or any filtered water including Bottled Water.

  • Better Health – Leads to increase in energy levels, better stomach health and helps in relieving recurring body pains.

  • Versatile - Can be used to mineralize all beverages like sports drink, tea etc.

  • Sodium Free – Does not contain any Sodium.

  • Additive Free - No colours, Allergens and Preservatives.

  • Pure – Made with high quality pharma grade ingredients.

H4O Mineral Drops is a concentrated solution containing Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium in the form of a liquid electrolyte. This form makes it easier for the body to absorb these essential minerals. Add these mineral drops for remineralizing any purified or bottled water. The addition of 1 drop of this solution is sufficient to remineralize 200 ml of water and increase the TDS by 115-130 units. Every time, you consume a glass of water, just add one drop of this solution. Daily consumption of these minerals will improve energy levels, will help in relieving recurring body pains as Cal-Mag-K intake will be improved. Made with approved pharma grade mineral salts. Improves Taste, helps in relieving cramps, and boosts stomach health. Liquid Minerals are better absorbed than their corresponding tablets, capsules or powders. Boosts mental, physical, and sports performance. Helps in recovering from muscle/foot/leg cramps and spasms. Can be added to tea, coffee, sports drinks, and other beverages. Sufficient for a family of four for 2 months. Better than Mineral Cartridges and TDS Flow Controllers.

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