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  • Description: A water activated disposable food heater which raises temperature of 300 gm food/beverage by 65 to 70 degree celsius from standard temperature. Each heater weighs 50 grams and can be used once. Made from rohs certified non-toxic chemicals.

  • Ideal For: Trekking, hiking, climbing, road trips, mountaineering, domestic and international travel, train and bus travels.; Inclusions: Comes with 3 food and heat safe zip pouches.

  • RTE available in the market, heat water, make tea or coffee, any other hot beverage.

  • Eco-Friendly: The heating by product is a natural mineral and easily integrates into the soil without any adverse effects. The plastic used in the product is 100 % recyclable and should be disposed off in recyclable waste bins.

  • Package Contents: Pack of 3 food heater

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Step 1:

Tear open the bag and place your pre-cooked food or ready-to-eat food inside the bag.

Water in heatomate.jpg

Step 2:

Pour water in the bag to the designated mark and seal it. Place it on a flat surface for 10 minutes.

Food in heatomate.jpg

Step 3:

Enjoy Your Food after 10 minutes.

What If We Told You, You Could Heat Your Food With No Power?

You heard it right! With HeatoMate you need no source of power (electricity or fuel) to find warm comfort food at your dispense anytime and anywhere. All you need is water, HeatoMate and your food ready to be heated to 65 to 70 degree celsius from standard temperature. No matter where you are you will get your food heated up in just a few minutes. It comes with heat resistant zip pouches that make easy for you to consume your food once heated and store it for later use. These one time use food heater bags are 100% recyclable and should be disposed off into a recycle bin and the minerals used in the bags to heat the water mixes with nature without harming it.

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