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We all know that RO provides pure water for drinking, but does pure water mean healthy water ?

No. Pure water doesn’t necessarily mean healthy water. RO purified water does not contain any minerals, as they are removed in the process. Thus drinking RO water over a long period of time will lead to deficiency of minerals like Calcium and Potassium. This leads to lower energy levels, deteriorating stomach health and bone development. Also, RO water does not taste good, thus reducing our daily intake of water.

Does the Government know about it ?

Yes, FSSAI (Food safety and standards authority of India) has recognized this fact and has ordered all bottled water companies like Bisleri and Kinley to add Calcium and Magnesium to their bottled water. If any company fails to do so, their license will get suspended.However, no such mandate has been given to companies which supply RO water to our homes.

Are the RO Companies doing anything about it ?

Companies like Kent and Eureka Forbes have TDS Control features in some of their models. TDS is controlled and increased via TDS flow controllers or Alkaline Mineral Cartridges.

Are these complete solutions ?

No. TDS flow controllers adds water (which does not pass through RO membrane) to your purified RO water to increase the TDS level. This means that we are drinking impure water even after installing RO. On the other hand, Alkaline Mineral Cartridges show inconsistent leaching of minerals in water, not enabling the user to know whether minerals are being continuously added or not.

What is the complete solution ?

After understanding the problems, a team of IIT-Delhi researchers have developed a mineral solution which adds 3 essential minerals i.e. Calcium, Magnesium and Potasssium to your RO water in the requisite quantities and in compliance with the new government norms. One drop of this solution in a glass of water, increases the TDS level of your water by the required levels. The solution is made with high quality ingredients and available on Amazon under the brand name “H  O ”.



If RO’s are removing minerals, then should they be used ?

Yes. In our country, piped water supply can not be trusted at all times, as leakages or old equipment can lead to introduction of toxic and heavy metals like Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium and Mercury. Only RO purification technology can remove these toxic metals from water and save us from daunting diseases. Thus, using RO is the safest bet in the current scenario. Also, people using bore well water should use RO as groundwater these days is loaded with toxic metals.

What is the Recommended TDS ?

BIS recommends a TDS level of drinking water between 80 and 500. TDS level between 200 to 250 is optimum according to WHO.

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